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Denny R. Swartzlander is the author of the Eleganta fantasy series. He has a doctorate degree in Molecular Biology, and when not writing, he works as a mad scientist at the University of Kansas.


Although he is technically the author of this series, he thinks of himself as a kind of ghost writer. This is because fairies and goblins are telling the story to him as he writes it. The tale has been passed down through many generations of both species (resulting in often differing versions from the two), and he is merely attempting to record the said events in a balanced manner.


The Eleganta series is a true story, in so much as the words of fairies and goblins can be believed. Why they chose him to record their story, he doesn't know, but he finds himself with fairies on his right, and goblins on his left, both eager to see their tale in print. So what choice does he have? He will write it, and he hopes many will read it, for the subjects of its plot are far too often forgotten or pushed aside as mere fantasy. The Eleganta series is their story, from their own mouths, through Dr. Swartzlander's pen, to you.

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